I should be elated but…

I was accepted to graduate school and received enough (loan) money to cover school and few other expenses. I have decided, in order not to worry about money, to work and go to school. I am tired just thinking about it. On top of that, I have started working with a personal trainer who says that I should be doing three days of cardio instead of five and two to three days of strength training. I am so afraid that I will gain weight but with school and work, I have no choice but to cut back on my workouts.
Am I setting myself up for failure?
I have resigned to say that I will (though I won’t) be happy at my current weight of 140 and maintain this for the next two years. I actually believe that I am carrying about 10-15 pounds of extra skin.
Well, I hope this all does not bite me hard in the end.
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Let’s stay accountable

The other day, after making my sticky buns, I did the unthinkable and tried one. Well, of course I felt guilty and burned 810 calories on the exercise bike for a bun that was the size of a large cookie (not the size of an average bun).  That was Tuesday (keep in mind that I burned 690 calories Tuesday morning). Wednesday morning, I burned 700 calories on the bike and went to the gym for my afternoon workout but was too tired to burn more than 165 calories on the elliptical.  I am not sure if that extra workout Tuesday hurt or helped me in the long run. I also only got three hours of sleep. This morning, I was still burnt out and was only on the bike for 50 minutes and burned (only!) 620 calories.

WHAT GIVES? I give I guess. I am just not happy with it all.

By the way, my sticky buns were very good.

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Calorie Cycling and other weight stuff

So, for the last two weeks I have been doing what is called calorie cycling. I honestly don’t know if it is helping or not. I have been stuck at 142 lbs for two weeks now. Today was a high day and I consumed 1437 calories. Honestly, (believe it or not after my binge) that is high for me. Though this is still below my daily caloric intake, I feel myself getting bigger. Tomorrow is a low day, and I should consume about 1230. I used to consume 1000 a day but the feeling of passing was getting to me, and I honestly don’t want to trade in obesity for anorexia.

I honestly am making up this “lifestyle change” guideline as I go along. Can some knowing person let me in on the metabolism secret? Or the exercise game? I get up between 3:45 and 4:15 AM Monday thru Friday and exercise on my exercise bike for 45 minutes to an hour. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I go to the gym after to do cardio for another 45 minutes to an hour. I then try to do three weight machines with three sets of 12.  Though I missed my morning workout, I got to do my nightly workout. After going at this for varying degrees for two years, I still don’t feel fit. I have this nasty flab in places and don’t feel pretty or healthy.

Le sigh…

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She is knocking…

Yesterday, for no real reason, I went off my healthy lifestyle plan. It happened late in the evening and there was really no excuse for it. I have not gone off plan for over a year. This morning I further hurt my cause by not exercising. Something else that I have not done in over a year. That 300 lb girl wants her body back and she is gearing up to kick my ass.

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I have arrived…what ever that means.

Hi all,

Welcome to Pound of Flesh. I have lots to blog about, weight loss; graduate school; cooking and baking; long-distance relationship; depression; family and friends; and the list goes on. I am just getting started so bear with me.

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