I should be elated but…

I was accepted to graduate school and received enough (loan) money to cover school and few other expenses. I have decided, in order not to worry about money, to work and go to school. I am tired just thinking about it. On top of that, I have started working with a personal trainer who says that I should be doing three days of cardio instead of five and two to three days of strength training. I am so afraid that I will gain weight but with school and work, I have no choice but to cut back on my workouts.
Am I setting myself up for failure?
I have resigned to say that I will (though I won’t) be happy at my current weight of 140 and maintain this for the next two years. I actually believe that I am carrying about 10-15 pounds of extra skin.
Well, I hope this all does not bite me hard in the end.
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