I am on strike!

Some of it is voluntary and some of it is not.

Where do I begin with expressing the things that I am striking against? Well there is work. Actually, I am not striking against work. I am striking against this coworker of mine who does not put in her fair share. I am not sure what her problem is, and I don’t know what she does all day. I do know that I am tired of her shirking her responsibilities and, sometimes, downright thrusting them on me. It does not help when my supervisor does not say anything about it, because she knows that me or the other copy editor will get it done.

I am also on strike from facilitating my lazy ass, mooch, male roommate who does not clean up behind himself. I don’t think me striking from doing his dishes or throwing his garbage away will make him do it. My landlord, who is also my roommate and high school friend, will just do it. I hate not liking my male roommate because he is a nice guy who thinks he lives with maids. He has other issues too. The main one being he is 27 but acts 17.

I think my body is striking against me; I know that my mind has. It feels like I am stuck at 142. Do I really have an unhealthy relationship with food if I want to have a burger again one day? Is that very “fat” of me? I am seriously asking the question. How about some very cheesy nachos? Thai food? I am not saying that I want to eat like this everyday or every week. Also is it lazy of me to not want to exercise five days every single week? To want to sleep in or lay around in pajamas every blue moon? Here comes 100 Grand candy bar question. Is it fat and lazy of me to every once in a while lay in bed with a bag of flaming hot chips and glass of wine (yes, both of them) and do nothing but watch a movie? Maybe that is the problem: I have yet to come to terms that I will have to exercise for two hours five days a week and I can never indulge in a guilty pleasure. And to appear to have a healthy relationship with food, I can never admit that I like chips, tacos, fried foods, cheese, and some sweets. These things I must look upon with disdain and disgust (or at least some people seem to think I should).

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  1. Singing … Sometimes he saw his real face, And sometimes a stranger at his place, Even the greatest stars find their face in the looking glass, Even the greatest stars find their face in the looking glass

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